Process Optimization

Processes as the Basis of Business Activity

The business activity of companies is based on a multitude of processes that historically have mostly developed over many years. Oftentimes, these processes are more complex and expensive than actually necessary, which results in time and cost disadvantages for the company. SCOPEIN Management Consultants creates transparency in the processes and supports companies to optimize interfaces and configure task processing more efficiently.

Goal-Oriented Realization as a Success Factor

In the analysis phase, the current processes are surveyed, and interfaces such as system gaps are identified. Afterwards, the development of target processes – in coordination with the company goals – takes place in the the conversion phase. These are consequently realized in the implementation phase.

Using Methods and Tools Properly

In each project phase, SCOPEIN engages in a close dialogue with the collaborators and draws on a tested method and tool catalog (e.g. Process Mapping, RTT). What ultimately results are efficient and transparent processes that secure lasting competitive advantages for the company and allow room for new challenges.



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