Staff Members

Academic and Professional Background

Our staff members are recruited from successful consultancies and companies and are alumni of renowned universities. They are experts with mostly long-term, practical experience, distinct professional competence and well-grounded methodological skills.


In national and international projects, they have acquired political contact, assertiveness and flexibility with respect to different national and corporate cultures.

Industry Experts with Problem Solving Competency

Comprehensive industry knowledge provides for the addressing of customer problems and jobs without lengthy orientation phases, which enables a prompt start of the productive project work, and ensures that an intelligent dialogue partner is assigned to the customer from the very beginning.

Our staff members know:

Only satisfied customers are the basis for the success of SCOPEIN. That’s why they fight for your achievement, for a lasting improvement of your competitive position and the appreciation value of your company.

Team Players instead of Lone Fighters

As fair team players, they have learned to work together with mixed customer teams in promoting the realization of the jointly developed proposals and to adapt to the particular company situation in order to successfully accomplish a steady balance between theory and practice.