Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Fundamental Changes

After years of stability, the industry sectors that are based on chemistry have experienced a continual change of its fundamental structures.


Since the 1990s, the traditional "conglomerates" that were active in all areas from basic to agricultural chemistry, and from pharmaceutical products to biotechnology, have almost disappeared. New firms emerged as the results of spin-offs, disinvestments, acquisitions and fusions.


After the turn of the millennium, the further transformation process of the newly formed companies was intensified due to the drastically changing external conditions. The marked increase of raw material costs, fierce competition from other regions, the entry of venture capital into the markets and the uncertainties over the enforcement of patent rights directed the attention of the market participants to their core competencies and to the question of the proper strategy. Accordingly, it is imperative to react to these dynamic external conditions.

Ways to Improvement

SCOPEIN Management Consultants helps companies to enhance their services, independent of the market segments formed and the product spectrum offered. Experience has shown that the business portfolio is especially optimized in four ways:


  • Optimization of the acquisition and logistics costs
  • Improvement of the customer and product portfolio management
  • Strengthening of the sales and marketing focus
  • Standardization of the internal processes and the services offered



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