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Employee Profile and Review
Nadine, Graduate - Entry as a Consultant



I studied International Business at the University of Maastricht and the University of Newcastle with a main emphasis on accounting and strategy and also completed an apprenticeship as a banker.


Professional Experience

I gained practical implementation and further professional experience during my internship in the French M & A department of a large German bank, in the controlling department of a medium-sized industrial service provider and in the strategy consulting department of a large consultancy company.


The impressions and experiences I gained through this reaffirmed to me that my analytical entrepreneurial tendencies would not allow me to be forced into the standardized roles and processes found in a large corporation. Working in a huge consulting firm, I would not get a view of the "bigger picture" since I would be forced to decide very specifically upon a functional specialization in a so-called competency, without being able to discover my real interests and passion for one or more functions.


My Start with SCOPEIN

Although there are many smaller consulting firms, I decided on SCOPEIN Management Consultants very quickly. On the one hand, my focus on the future-oriented sectors of chemical, energy and raw materials and their reciprocal industry cycles confirms that I am not merely "cleaning up" an "old industry" such as the automotive industry, but that I am actively shaping the industries of the future and giving them direction. On the other hand, the friendly company culture motivates me to give my best to achieve the common project goal, since communication, respect and loyalty among a circle of friends is always more effective than it is just "among colleagues".


Current Tasks

I have been actively involved in projects from the beginning and have independently assumed tasks, allowing my "on-the-job" training to have a steep learning curve.


Living out of a suitcase is just as much a part of my job as the need to organize everything independently. This applies to my private life as well, where I must balance my long-distance relationship and wanderlust.


For me, management consulting at SCOPEIN includes not only quantitative and qualitative analysis, concepts and their implementation, but also social skills that are often neglected by "number crunchers”. However, in order to develop the optimal solution for a problem, such skills are essential to understanding and advising clients!



Senior Consultant

"SCOPEIN offers a truly exciting work environment where employees constantly take on challenging new tasks at their own responsibility." More ...


"On the other hand, the friendly company culture motivates me to give my best to achieve the common project goal, ..."More ...